New Court School, Bray

New Court School caters for students with intellectual disability. As patrons of the school, the Trust has supported New Court School for many years.

The Trust has provided support to refurbish the computer room and the library, as well as in many other ways. Members of the Trust assist teachers in various ways and attend events.

The Trust is pleased as patron of the school, to approve funding of a redecoration project over the summer months.

Anna Newell Theatre Adventures

Anna Newell Theatre Adventures has been working with babies and children with profound and multiple learning difficulties for 10 years.

Anna and her team have been performing ‘Sing me to the Sea’ with caregivers in pools around the country for children with complex needs. It creates a magical serene environment, encouraging concentration, copying, following, watching, having fun and interaction with caregivers and actors.

If children don’t have verbal communication, actors explore other ways of connecting with their world, taking them and the caregivers on a journey.

The theatre company was featured in the RTÉ news on 21 August 2020. You can read the report and the the programme on the RTÉ website.

The Trust is pleased to be able to support this programme for children and family members in conjunction with the Mermaid Theatre, for Wicklow families, which it is hoped to happen over the summer.

Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland

Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland (AADI) was set up in 2010 as a response to the need for a primary service training
Autism Assistance dogs to help the children with autism and families across Ireland who need the support of a trained dog.

Assistance dogs are trained to:

  • Ease difficult transitions to places that would normally be anxiety provoking, such as the supermarket,
    school, any place outside the child’s home
  • Hold position in dangerous situations so that the child cannot bolt.
  • Provide comfort to children who need tactile support in stressful situations

The Trust was happy to support a family in County Wicklow by giving a grant to AADI towards their dog.

And excerpt from the mother’s testimonial says: “An Autism Assistance Dog is very calming for the child with autism, helps with their anxiety, deep pressure acceptance and being able to get out and about. They give a family independence and new hope.”


Climb-Ability is a tailored training program in climbing for people with intellectual or mild physical disabilities. The program is run by Jasper Chisnall of Master Adventure.

On Saturday the 11th of January 2020 Master Adventure launched its first Climb Ability Course which ran each Saturday for 6 weeks until the 15th of February. By the end every climber repeatedly and confidently reached the top.

We received this great story from the course:

“One participant in the beginning was enjoying climbing, but he didn’t want to go to all the way to the top. We discovered that it was because he was frightened to go too high.
A few games and tasks were introduced to encourage him further, which helped.
Then by week three he turned to his mum and said “Mum I am scared”, she replied “There’s no need to be scared”.
It was his reply that was amazingly profound…. he said back to her loudly “NOOOO, its ok to be scared….. because if I am scared I can be brave”.
From that point onwards everything changed for him, it started an idea. He would say things like “I must face my fear” or “I must use my bravery”.
He also said after one particularly difficult climb “if it’s too hard, I can still try”.
He has bravely climbed to the top of many routes each week since and has become bolder and more confident each day.”

Below are some pictures from the course.

You can find out more about Climbability in this PDF Climb-Ability – Sunbeam House Trust

Down Syndrome Centre Cabinteely

The Down Syndrome Centre opened in 2014 with the aim of addressing the increased cuts and lack of accessibility to relevant services for children with Down syndrome. Their mission is to provide services and facilities to enable children with Down syndrome to have the same opportunities in life as their peers, to feel included in society and to enable them to reach their full potential. Their vision is also to create a family focussed centre for parents of the children using the Service. The centre is a place for parents to meet, get information and advice, make friends and build support networks and communities. They now support over 200 families per week by providing a wide range of early intervention services.

Down Syndrome Centres are also now up and running in the Midlands, Cork and North East.

Festine Lente

The trust are delighted to provide funding for a series of equestrian based sessions in Festine lente during the summer for young people with disabilities and their siblings.

The programmes are tailored to individual needs and will involve a combination of equine assisted learning, ground based activities and riding where this is safe and appropriate and social distancing can be assured – and include family activities and stable management activities such as grooming, plaiting manes, etc. and going to the fields with children to spend time with the horses will also be included.

Families will be able to have a picnic in the garden at the end of the sessions – the gardens are beautiful and a nice and safe place, with a garden centre, shop and a terrapin pool.

This scheme will benefit approx 60 people with a disability and their sibling/s / parents.

At a time when people with disabilities have been further excluded due to the COVID 19 pandemic we are hopeful that we can go part of the way to narrow this exclusion.

Grave Restoration

The Trust funded the restoration of Lucinda Sullivan’s Graveyard in Mount Jerome Cemetery Harold Cross which is also the resting place of her mother and sister.

This project also included a number of graves in Deansgrange and St Paul’s Bray Cemetery bought by the Trust many years ago remembering the deceased children that were once cared for.

Lakers Social & Recreational Club, Bray

The Lakers Social & Recreational Club is a community-based sports, social and recreation organisation for children and adults with an intellectual disability. The club provides a wide range of sporting and educational services to members across Leinster from its centre in Bray, Co. Wicklow.

The Trust is pleased to have been able to assist the Lakers in purchasing a replacement bus, a Ford Custom/Kombi.
In June 2018 the members of the Trust John, George and Delwen were pleased to attend a ceremony to handover this new minibus to Lakers at their premises in Seapoint Road in Bray. The minibus was partfunded by Sunbeam House Trust.

From right to left:
John Giles and George Knaggs (Sunbeam Trust,) Fergus Findlay (Chairman Lakers), Anthony Finnegan (Manager Lakers)







The Trust is pleased to support a new project in 2019.

Marino Centre, Enable Ireland, Bray

Enable Ireland Bray provides services to children and adults with disabilities and their families. Covering childhood to adulthood their expert teams work with the individual and their family on a plan for each life stage.

Enable Ireland Wicklow Service has its main base at the Marino Centre on Church Road in Bray and have provided services from this location for over 50 years. They also have a centre in Arklow and a respite service in Silverpines House, Bray. The team provides a variety of therapy, education, social and family supports.

The Trust is pleased to be able to support a specific need and a new project. The Trust assisted with purchasing important equipment for the centre for the children in September 2019.

The trust have been pleased to be in a position to assist Marino Centre to purchase additional toys and arts and crafts materials for families to use whilst at home during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Marino School, Bray

Marino School is a Community Special School in Church Road, Bray.

The Trust was happy to give a grant to the school to fund the building of a new sensory garden for pupils and staff to enjoy.

The provision of a sensory garden space in Marino is hugely beneficial for all students, as this garden will allow students to enjoy a calm, relaxing outdoor space and also, from a practical perspective, will enable students to grow, cook and hopefully, eat some of the garden produce.

The sensory garden was officially opened by Diarmuid Gavin on 3rd April 2019.

Also in the picture: Rosalie Chooi and Delwen Giles (both Sunbeam House Trust) and Oonagh Kenny (Principal of Marino School) – from left to right.

North Wicklow Down Syndrome Support Group

The North Wicklow Down Syndrome Support Group is a voluntary group solely run by parents.

The Trust was happy to give a grant for developing speech and language services for the children supported by this organisation and also for developing equine therapy supports for the children.

In 2019 the members spent a remarkable day with the amazing horses and handlers from Festina Lente. They were looked after very well by the staff.

Open Door Day Centre, Bray

Open Door is a Day Centre for adults with physical disabilities as a result of illness or accidents. They have a purpose built centre in Vevay Road, Bray, that allows easy access to various activities like learning new skills and offers a social outlet.

The Trust is pleased to contribute again this year.

Ovoca Manor

The Trust was pleased to fund the development of an outdoor pursuit centre at this location which was designed to facilitate people with a disability.

There have been a number of visits from pupils in special schools to the centre which have been enjoyed by all.

Below are recent photos from the Ovoca Manor team. All Abilities training with Paul Kellagher at Ovoca Manor in Wicklow, using the specially adapted equipment funded by Sunbeam Trust in summer 2019.

In 2018 members of the trust were pleased to visit the centre and see first-hand the equipment working and to meet staff and hear plans for increasing visits and retreats for people with special needs to the centre.

In July of 2017 the Ovoca Manor near Avoca, Co. Wicklow, held a very successful staff training session. The training took place over two (2) days and The Manor’s technical advisor was available to supervise the staff interactions and various program adaptations.

The training included:

  • Climbing
  • Abseiling
  • Roped Climbing
  • Crate climbing
  • Biplane

Below are photos of some of the activities.

The Ovoca Manor also hosted 10 people from the Wheelchair Association of Ireland for a few hours of archery. The archery fees for their activities were covered due to the generosity of Sunbeam House Trust, and this particular visit was a pilot to see if the Manor could make archery all-abilities friendly. The concept has been proven successful and enjoyable for the participants and the Manor looks forward to developing this project as one of their outdoor activities for years to come.

For more information about Ovoca Manor please check their website

Parents Plus

The Trust is pleased to begin a new project with Parents Plus.

The purpose of the Parents Plus service is to support, equip and empower families and professionals.

Parents Plus have developed 7 programmes reaching 77,655 families in the last 10 years. The Trust will support The Parents Plus Special Needs Programme which is delivered to parents of teenagers with intellectual disabilities over 7 – 12 weeks, to equip parents to manage the significant hidden challenges of ID during adolescence, and to improve the mental health, social and economic outcomes of all family members to aid community integration.

Parents Plus works with agencies and organisations including Tusla, CAMHS, HSE, Enable Ireland, Down Syndrome Ireland etc.

Peacehaven Trust, Greystones

Sunbeam Trust has supported Peacehaven Trust by assisting clients to go on a holiday, as well as adaptations to client’s homes.


The Trust is pleased to support the Dun Laoghaire Motor Yacht Club’s Sailability programme which provides access to sailing for young people with disabilities.

The Trust is pleased to support the project in 2019 and 2020.

Tiō Associates

This is how Tiō Associates describes themselves and our support:

“Tiō is a pioneer network of professionals in social care, each with personal experience of a family member with ID, providing and promoting Christian perspectives on people with intellectual disabilities and their inclusion into local faith communities using theology and the arts. Through the mediums of teaching, training and performance we aim to inspire, equip and accelerate change in churches, faith communities and wider society. Our partnership with the Sunbeam Trust has been invaluable to us as a new venture. Currently, we are designing and delivering teaching and training at various venues for church leaders, parents, staff training and missions.”

For more information on Tiō Associates please read this pdf Tio_Information or check their website:

In November 2018 Tiō Associates published an article with the title “How inclusive is your church?”. You can read the article on the VOX Magazine website.

All Events are aimed at health and social care professionals.

Annual conference 2019

The Conference for 2019 took place on 12 October 2019 in YWCA Coolnagreina, Greystones, Co. Wicklow. The conference was entitled “A Good Life, looking at dignity, belonging, spirituality and opportunity”. The Trust are pleased to be supporting this conference.

80 people attended the conference and the feedback was very positive.

You can learn more about the schedule and speaker of the 12th October in this pdf A Good Life TIO Conf Brochure

Wicklow Triple A Alliance

Wicklow Triple A Alliance offers support to individuals, family and friends affected by Autism, Asperger Syndrome and ADHD.

The Trust was pleased to give a grant recently to support training for family members, including grandparents, of children with autism.